Some short-cut talk in NavyField is explained here:

FF: Frigate

DD: Destroyer

CL: Light Cruiser

CA: Heavy Cruiser

CV: Aircraft Carrier

BB: Battleship

SS: Submarine

TDA: Turret Drive Assist. In game, you can activate or de-activate TDA by pressing CTRL. TDA speeds up aiming.

Torp Whore: Common game slang for players who only outfit their ships with torpedoes, or who primarily use hit and run torpedo tactics.

AW: Armor whore. This kind of ship uses all its displacement to put on armor. Some ships, like King George V (RN), are especially suitable for AWing. These ship usually have 11 inch or more deck armor. AP shells are recommended when fighting with AW ships.

SW: Speed whore. This kind of ship reduces its displacement to obtain its maximum speed. Some players may use only the front guns so that they can obtain an extra few knots.

Credit: Used as a game currency with which to purchase ship upgrades, weapons, etc.

XP: Game experience points. Gaining XP helps level up ship crew.

AA Guns: Anti-Aircraft guns and artillery protect ships from encounters with all types of enemy aircraft.

BO: Bridge Operator. Once you reach level 12 this is the crewmember that commands your ship. New ships are available according to your BO’s level. Radioman: Once at level 6 you can choose to have a Radioman. There is an orange spinning circle that designates his position. Once equipped, he will allow many in game chat options, as well as ability to form and join clans.

Ship DP: A ship’s displacement is the amount of weight of the ship in water. You cannot overload a ship. DP Gun: Dual Purpose, able to equip with different ammo, but also quicker at reloading than non-DP version of the same caliber.

Light/Vision: Providing positions of enemy ships. Light or vision is mainly provided by fighters and scouts. Sometimes submarins and rushing frigates/destroyers can also provide vision, but this kind of vision is usually limited and does not last long.