A torpedo is a ship-board weapon designed to travel underwater and destory targets by exploding a warhead by thier hull. When torpedoes run out of fuel/go to maximum range, they explode, causing splash damage to all nearby ships. There are 3 major types of torpedoes:
Mk14 torpedo4

1) Shipboard torpedoes- Torpedo launchers launch multiple torpedoes per salvo. Usually, shipboard torpedo tubes have a reload time of around 40 seconds, and have the highest range of all types of torpedoes

2) Submarine torpedoes- only launched from submarine launchers, submarine torpedoes have the highest damage

3)Aircraft torpedoes-droped from torpedo bombers. Least effective of all torpedoes, low damage, However they can be skillfully aimed at a ships sweet-spot, and have multipul torps dropped for extra damage

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