The Flag of the real-life Kriegsmarine

The Kriegsmarine is the Navy of the German Reich. The Kriegsmarine generally has fast ships, great AA Gunners, fast reloading speeds, and high gun ranges. Unfortunately, the German ships have relatively few gun turrets, their armor is also relatively ineffective, and the ships don't have enough displacement needed to hold large amounts of armor. Also, German aircraft carriers hold less planes than their counterparts from other countries. Arguably, the best destroyer in the game is the German Z-99 Class Destroyer.

Ships of the Line Edit

Bold means that this ship is the top of the line.

Destroyers Edit

Light Cruisers Edit

Heavy Cruisers and Panzerschiffe Edit

Battleships and Battlecrusiers Edit

Aircraft Carriers Edit

Submarines Edit

Other Equipment Edit

German Airplanes Edit

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