Kagero Class Destroyer

Cost - Nationality

35,100 Credits - IJN

Required Level

Level 12


6,700 DP

Maximum Displacement

2700 tons




The Kagero-DD

The Kagero Class, the Japanese starter DD. Obtained at level 12, this destroyer is a the first ship that can wield dual guns.

R slot space is 3x65

It wields double 5", giving it the moderate firepower.

Its T slot space is 2x28. Its T slots can fire both starboard and portboard. It fits quad Type 8 Torperdo launchers, torpedoes of great destructive power, amazing range(for torpedoes accesible without a torpedo man) as well as good speed. The Kagero is one of the best DD1s, only outgunned by the Q Class and the Storozevoj Class. Its weaknesses lie in its relatively low speed and low displacement, giving it poor armor protection, one or two torpedoes usually killling it.