County class heavy cruiser (UK CA1)


  • Armament: R- 4x146, T-4x30,2x42
    • Usually it caries dual 8"calibre guns (the L version) in R slots, but triple 6"calibre guns are often used as well. I prefere to use the 8" cal. twin turrets.
    • In T slots you can carry AA or dual purpose guns or torpedo tubes. I prefer nothing, because it would be a waste of your displacement to put weak AA guns or even weaker torpedoes on it.
  • Hp: 12,900
  • Displacement:
    • Max: 11856tons
    • Standart: 9750tons
  • Cost: 605,500 credits
  • Required lvl: 43
  • Engine: 133
  • FCS: 80


  • Range 45
  • Damage
  • Armor


  • Speed
  • Size
  • Low hp (compared to same lvl CAs)
  • Hard to learn gunning


County class is a deadly ship when in good hands. I can sink every other CA except for some of the new Soviet ones using its awesome BB-like range. If you have it, Use your range and damage wisely to pwn CAs and silly BBs that get too close. Believe mee, you are a nightmare for Alaska BB class and for KOngo class as well. BUT! Watch out for Algerie class CAs. They are very small and have nearly the same armament as you do.